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Lloyds graphic design Ltd – promotion

April 22, 2009

Alexander Lloyd’s end of year self promotion. The pack included a mouse-mat which doubled as the lid and a ‘recipe’ book with examples of his work. An added bonus was a chocolate fish and peas and sweetcorn sweets.

This was made by finding a suppler of foil trays and full colour mouse pads. Then the food – chocolate prewrapped fish, and boiled sweets that looked similiar to peas and corn. This was all wrapped in a clear film and sent to cilents.


I think this is brilliant. I especially like the use of taste in this piece, not only is it visually appealing AND exciting to unpack it also has ediable pieces. The ‘product’ is useful and amusing, an effective pastiche to 60’s TV dinner’s.


Soak invitation designed by Iris

April 21, 2009

This is an invitation for a lecture featuring speakers from Sea Design, the cilent is Soak (creative forum in England).

From the book Touch this: “Screenprinted using dark blue thermographic ink over light blue permanent ink on a white rigid PCV Board.” The droplets creating the word soak help the ‘immerse in hot water’ statement at the bottom of the card. When this is done information about the event is revealed. The images below show the process.


I think thermographic ink is a really exciting technique and how it is used here is really effective. The water like colours make the design look somewhat natural, as it is a subtle design. The water droplets form the word soak so well I didn’t notice what they were at first and the transition into Sea is inspired. The simplicity of the design lets the message stand out and action of the the thermographic ink helps connect the viewer to the event.