Lloyds graphic design Ltd – promotion

Alexander Lloyd’s end of year self promotion. The pack included a mouse-mat which doubled as the lid and a ‘recipe’ book with examples of his work. An added bonus was a chocolate fish and peas and sweetcorn sweets.

This was made by finding a suppler of foil trays and full colour mouse pads. Then the food – chocolate prewrapped fish, and boiled sweets that looked similiar to peas and corn. This was all wrapped in a clear film and sent to cilents.


I think this is brilliant. I especially like the use of taste in this piece, not only is it visually appealing AND exciting to unpack it also has ediable pieces. The ‘product’ is useful and amusing, an effective pastiche to 60’s TV dinner’s.


2 Responses to “Lloyds graphic design Ltd – promotion”

  1. Alexander Lloyd Says:

    Hey Emma, I was just googling my blog address as I’d forgotten what I had it listed as and this page on your blog came up and I have to say I’m flattered to think you felt my work was worth showcasing and writing about. Many thanks for the recognition. Where’d you see the TV dinner promo? Are you involved in the industry as a designer yourself? All the best with your work and the blog.
    Alex Lloyd
    Lloyds Graphic Design

    • emmagraphics Says:

      Hi Alex, Thank you for the comment, it was a great surprise. To answer your questions: I found the TV diner in the book “Touch this: Graphic Design That Feels Good” and I’m currently in my final year of a BA Graphic Design course in the UK. I was wondering what were the responses to the TV Dinner piece? Did it create as big of an impact as you hoped? Also have you designed any other pieces which target the senses of taste or smell?
      Best regards,
      Emma Watts

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