Exciting covers

After looking at old, tatty and generally unexciting books in public library’s is it wonderful to go into big books shops. The claim ‘print is dead’ is mocked with beautiful books that you just want to hold. Unfortunatly these images won’t do the books justice, you have to touch and use them to get the effect but afterall this is the point.


Decoding design – Maggie Macnab 2008

The front cover uses a wheel to align die cut windows of different shapes. This is a really interesting interactive cover, the technique is often used on items for children as a learning device.


British design 2007/08

This cover is effective in its uses of contrasting textures, it has flock (which are many small fiber particles deposited onto a surface). This technique makes the product much more tactile and is often done for its visual apperance. Most commonly flocking is used to create an velour texture which contrasts with the smooth, shiney reflective background of this front cover.


Vintage t-shirts

Flock is used on the text on this book and cotton is used for the label.


50 years of the lego brick

The front cover has spot uv to form the circles on the front cover. The use of actaul lego bricks is similar to free gifts with magazines


The inside of the lego book has pocket pages with die cut holes which allows a peek into whats inside.


This plastic case contains a huge a3+ book on architecture. The size, colour and unusual shape really make it stand out.


Iron Fists: Branding the 20th-Century Totalitarian State – Steven Heller

This cover uses a printed assetate cover with an image containing a Nazi flag underneath it.


The disciples

This book uses gold ink over a tradional hardback textile. Inside it contains photographs of fans from each of the artists featured. The decorative gold is used to illustrate the worship that the fans (“disciples”) have for their idols as it resembles a religious book.

The New York Dolls: Photographs by Bob Gruen

This is much more informal and playful with brash bright pink material. They have been discribed as “over-the-top cross-dressing” and having a “shambling, sloppy, but energetic playing style”. I think this is reflected by the informal, wavey font and the luxurious colours and materials used.


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