Fri 13th – Mon 16th

Print techniques


Other techniques

Scratch card

Cut-out card / pop out




Scented varnish. This is a new take on an old technology. We are all familiar with scratch and sniff – but that was rather crude. This system has over 100 stock scents available, plus we offer a custom scent service if needed.

Other areas/ideas
Smell – the psychology. Scent of purfume, Air fresheners

Typographic food

Touch – psychology – please do not touch signs (we get into the habit of not interacting/feeling), precarious – “dont you might break it”

Different materials : Fabrics, Metal, Wood, Plastic (maybe look at childrens books to begin with)

Fine Art exhibition (Cildo Meireles)

Unease is also the keynote of Volatile, a sealed chamber with a floor covered by a foot-deep layer of plush talcum powder. A smell of gas permeates the space, which makes the tapering candle emitting a halo of pale light around the corner somewhat disconcerting. When is the entire installation going to blow?


Other Notes

Literature review – how useful is this source?

Websites – michael bierut



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