Sun 8th – Thurs 12th

Looking at Brand sense

Kelloggs wanted to patent their own crunch, designed sounds in labs

Singapore airlines – focusing on the emotional experience of air travel, 1973 introduced ‘Singapore girl’ the selection citeria for staff are inflexibly stringent (only dark hair, one size ect). Aroma in cabin is as constant as the colour scheme.

Singapore airline girl “Singapore Girl, Asia’s Barbie, to get a new look?”

Sight is the most seductive sense of all, and has the power to persuade us against all logic. Those who cannot see are blind. Those who cannot hear, deaf. Those who cannot speak, mute. But those who cannot smell or taste are left hanging: they suffer from an absence without a name.

Colgate patented their distinct toothpaste taste, this has not extended to their other products eg floss

Sound, sight and touch – Bang and Olufsen


Touch – Coke Bottle – ‘the bottle design should be so distinctive that if it were broken, the pieces would still be recognisable as part of the whole’.



We need the stimulus of touch to grow and survive. Dr. John Benjamin – two groups of rat, each given food, water and a safe living space. The rats that were stroked and caressed “learned and grew faster”. ‘touch is ultimately the true language of love’


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