Mon 2nd-Sat 7th

How to research

Questions – How and why did X come about? How does X work? What Influence does X have on Y?

What are the main concepts? Issues – What areas of debate are there? Context – genealogy of key thinkers/design examples

Refining research questions by – A) Viewpoint, B) Time period, C) Country/area

Possible examples for essay Brand sense

Gucci – someone obsessed with the brand, had a tattoe of them. Talked about it if it were a family member. Spoke about the colours, feel of fabrics, distict smell. Still not sight and sound

Brands need to creat a following similar to sports and religions. How religions use the senses – Sight -candles/beatiful buildings, Smell – incense, Sound -choir singing, Touch – elaborate costumes, regious books, action of pray ect, Taste – Christian wafers/wine? Christingles sweets.

Japan, India and Thailand – well known history of intergrating five senses

senses more attunded to danger then delight

Look at Child development, also children born with no sight are better then those who loose it.


New car smell (fictional – in a can)

Shops pumping out smells – cocnuts to get people to buy summer clothes, bread to buy bakery items

Popcorn – wouldn’t be the cinema without it

Celebrities bring out purfume – the Beckam brand


Team of Chrysler engineers only roll to create perfect sound of opening and closing a door


Often overrules other senses. Impressionists – studied light changing on objects. Pantone as sight is ‘in the eye of the beholder’. Drink tests : Dr H. A Roth and C. N. Dubose.

Could look at artist installations


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